Sum Images v1.2.0

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Reads a sequence of detector image files and sums up a specified number of images to one image.

Figure 1: Screenshot of the "Sum Images" plugin.


  • First Image: Path to the first image of the sequence.
  • Last Image: Path to the last image of the sequence. (Caution: the order is defined by the lexicographical order of the file names.)
  • HowManyFilesToSumToOneFile: The number of images which are summed up to one image. If set to 0, all images from first to last image are summed to one image.
  • CalculationType:
    • SUM: result images are the sum
    • MEAN: result images are the mean.
  • ResultOutputDir: A path to an existing directory. The summed images will be saved as tiff files in this directory. If empty, the users temporary folder is used.


This plugin has no inputs.


  • ImagePath: A path to a summed image.