Single Plugin Text Export v1.2.0

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This plugin exports selected output of one plugin to a spreadsheet text file. A header (marked with #) shows the dpdak version, the file creation time, the name of the exported plugin, a description of the used data input and all parameter values of the plugin.
Each output is stored as a column, except from 1D array outputs which are stored in several columns (as many as processed data sets). The first row after the header gives the names of the columns, i.e. of the plugin output. For 1D arrays, at least one underscore followed by a number are added to the name. The number is either a sequence number corresponding to the name of the processed input dataset (e.g. _6 if image image_00006.tif is processed) or just counting the processed datasets starting from 0. which style is used depends on the option Indices as input sequence numbers of the selection dialogue window (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Selection dialogue of the Single Plugin Text Export.


Figure 2 shows an exported file where ten datasets have been processed. Column A-D contain different outputs of the plugin in ten rows (datasets). Starting with column E ten array datasets *I_shift* have been saved, which are numbered from 0-9 in the header since the option Indices as input sequence numbers was off.

Figure 2 An exported file imported into a spreadsheet application. (Note: The header looks slightly different in version 1.2.0.)