Intensity Correction (File)

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This plugin corrects an intensity profile by division of a correction factor (correct for transmission, energy decay, ...) and subtraction of an empty beam profile. In difference to the Intensity Correction plugin, this plugin reads the correction factor from a text file. The correction formula:

Icorrected = I / correction_factor - Iempty_beam

The text file should have a single column of values which are used as correction factor. By default the value in the first row is used for the first correction, the second row for the second correction...

Figure 1: Screenshot of the "Intensity Correction (File)" plugin.
Figure 2: Screenshot of the "Correction File" example.


  • Correction File: The path to a text file with one column of correction factor values (Figure 2).
  • Start Row: The row number to start with (default: 1 = first row).


  • I_transmitted: The uncorrected intensity profile.
  • I_eb: The empty beam intensity profile.


  • I: The corrected intensity profile.