Hdf5ImageReader v1.2.0

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Reads 2D (image) data out of a 3D dataset (the image stack) in an Hdf5 file. Note that DPDAK's image options for rotations, background subtraction, etc. are not applied.


  • File Name: Full path to the Hdf5 (or NeXus) file.
  • Dataset Name: The full name of the 3D dataset.
  • Sequence: Which 2D slices (second and third dimension) out of the 3D stack to read
    • "10": reads only the slice 10 out of the 3D dataset
    • "0-": reads all slices from sequence number 0 until the last one (maximum is 99999)
    • "0-:5": same as above but reads only every fifth slice (0, 5, 10, ...)
    • "10-100": reads the slices from number 10 to number 100
    • "10-100:10": same as above but reads only every 10s slice (10, 20, ..., 100)
    • You can combine any option by using ";" as separation. (e.g. "10;20;30;40;100-1000:10;1010-")
    • It is possible to use input ranges from high to low numbers (e.g. '100-10') to read a sequence reversed.
    • Also negative steps can be used (e.g. '100-;-10' reads 100, 90, 80, ..., 10, 0)


This plugin has no inputs.


  • ImageData: A FLOAT_2D array of the image data.