2D Color Plot v1.2.0

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Displays the result parameter in the 2D color map during the parameter calculation processing.


AutoPeakFitDiyplay manu.png

Figure 1: Screenshot of the "2D Color Plot" menu.

Panel parameters

  • Source:
    • Data: z-Axis (color) value to plot.
    • y-Axis: y-Axis value to plot.
    • f(x): x-Axis scaling, e.g. 10*x.
  • Plot:
    • x-Label: x-Axis label name.
    • y-Label: y-Axis label name.
    • Title: Plot title name.
  • Colorbar:
    • Scaling: The color (z-Axis) scaling type (log, linear).
    • Map: The color map type.
    • Auto Range: Set the automatic color range control to ON.
    • Min.: The minimum value of z-Axis (color) value.
    • Max.: The maximum value of z-Axis (color) value.
    • Label: The color bar label name.
  • Front:
    • Size: The front size for all axis labels and scales.
  • Python Code:
    • Before: The user own python source code running before the 2D color plot.
    • After: The user own python source code running after the 2D color plot.

2D ColorPlot Gx.png

Figure 2: Screenshot of the "2D Color Plot" example.